Alfonso Morgado



“I’m a veteran of the feeling of guilt you get when you are signed up to a gym and you stop going as often as you should. I would start going just to avoid that feeling, and any other goal would be overshadowed by it. Which is a paradoxical nonsense.

Since I started training with Ivan I’m experiencing, for the first time, what I would call “genuine commitment”. I’m not skipping sessions. Literally none. I train because I’m achieving quite noticeable results (such as stop having muscular pains, improving my endurance and seeing myself definitely fitter), which is really rewarding.


Ivan knows how to read me every day and design the best possible session. Every time is fruitful. And never repetitive. To me, it’s amazing how, instead of a struggle, training has become a challenging game I’m becoming fairly good at. And it’s the first time, after many years, that I’m genuinely committed to it.

Alfonso, from the cool city of Madrid.”

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